Midwest Solution Series Ginormos Double Door Dog Crate Review

Midwest Solution Series Ginormos Double Door Dog Crate
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Large breeds may look intimidating to some people but the truth is that they actually have a soft heart. They love cozying up with their owner and all they demand is love. So if you own a St. Bernard, Mastiff or Great Dane, you would want to give your furry baby a nice shelter to call his own. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Midwest Solution Series Ginormos Double Door Dog Crate

This dog house boasts heavy duty construction suitable for large breeds that weigh 80 pounds or more. It has a black electro-coated steel wire finish that gives a nice look to the dog crate. It also helps in preventing rust and damage. If you plan to keep the crate indoors, it will go well with any type of décor. It is spacious enough for an adult dog to move around and lie down comfortably. It may also hold a litter of puppies in one secure place.

The crate is made of good quality and sturdy metal to add more strength and durability to the dog house. It features a two-door formation with an easy to use side and front door access. There are three slide latches for every door and four ‘roller’ feet to save the floor from damage. The large plastic pan that comes with the product is leak proof and easy to clean.

This large sized dog crate features a drop-pin construction and it uses four drop-pins to provide maximum durability to the structure. As this dog crate is meant for large dog breeds, this is essential for secure handling. The L-Hook feature further strengthens the structure and prevents the sides of the crate from bending inwards.

Setting up the crate is fairly easy. However, given the fact that the structure is large and heavy, you will need two people to set this up. It comes with a user manual you can refer to for instructions on how to correctly set up the dog crate.

You may use a divider panel made from electro coated steel to make sections in the crate for a living area and an eliminating place. This can help in potty training your little puppy. You can train him to eliminate in the other side of the crate in every two to three hours so the living area stays clean. Thus, it helps in maintaining hygiene and takes less time to clean the crate. The manufacturer also stands behind the product and offers a one-year warranty.

Features of the Midwest Solution Series Ginormos Double Door Dog Crate

  • Measures 54 x 37 x 45 inches
  • Weighs 80.2 lbs.
  • E-coat finish
  • Double door configuration
  • Drop-pin metal construction
  • Made from heavy duty metal
  • 3 slide-bolt latches per door
  • L-Bar safety feature


  • This dog crate is perfectly suitable for large and extra-large breeds weighing 80-90 lbs and even more
  • There’s lots of space for a large breed to move around or a family of four to stay secure
  • It has an electro-coat finish so the metal will not rust
  • It has a convenient front and side opening for the pet to enter comfortably
  • It is strong and highly durable so your dog stays secure
  • Setting up the crate is easy and it can be done within a few minutes
  • It comes with a one year warranty which is a huge plus
  • It is suitable for large dogs as they can’t tear it apart to get out
  • It offers good value at this price point
  • It has a secure locking mechanism so you can be worry-free while you are away
  • The customers service is helpful and easily reachable
  • Users may use a divider to create a living space and an elimination area for potty training of puppies


  • Two people are needed to put up the dog crate
  • The crate is very big so it takes a lot of space indoors


The Midwest Solution Series Ginormos Double Door Dog Crate is a sturdy and huge dog house meant for large breeds. It is so huge that a fully grown Great Dane or Mastiff has enough space to move inside. It can also easily hold two to three puppies together. So, if you are looking for a very large and sturdy dog crate then this can be good option. It does not rust or bent easily so this is a good investment you can do for your beloved pets.

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